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Where did I Leave My Footprints? Lin Xian-tang’s Journey to Europe
Lin Xian-tang (1881-1956), one of the figures in Traveling in Time Exhibition, was the leader of the Lin Family from Wufeng, Taichung. On May 15, 1927, he took the Fengshan Ferry from the Keelung Port with his two sons Pan-long and You-long starting to travel around in Europe and America. They spent 378 days visiting ten countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. In his diary, Lin Xian-tang wrote of what he had seen in his journey and hoped to broaden Taiwanese’s knowledge of Western culture. Now, let’s follow Lin’s steps by reading The Diary of Mr. Guan-yuan in 1927 to visit Europe!
* 2017/07/28 Momiyama Ishu’s Diary has released on Taiwan Diary Knowledge Bank
Momiyama Ishu (1855-1919), whose given name was Yi-ye, style name was Ji-cai, and the pseudonym was Ishu, was born in Aichi Prefecture. He had learned classical Chinese, poetry and prose since he was ...
* 2017/03/16 “Chen Zhi-qi Paintings and Papers” is released on TAIS
Chen Zhi-qi (1906-1931) was born at Xizhi, Taipei. While he studied in Taihoku Normal School, he joined in the painting club which was directed by Ishikawa Kinichirō. As for Chen, this leisure activit...
* 2017/03/07 The series of Taiwan Rehabilitation Association and 228 Incident of “Yang Zhao-jia Papers” now released
“Taiwan Rehabilitation Association and 228 Incident Papers” records Yang Zhao-jia’s experiences while he was moving to Shanghai and engaging in business since 1945 to 1950. This ser...
* 2017/02/24 The Chinese translated version of De Dagregisters van het Kasteel Zeelandia is released on Taiwan Diary Knowledge Bank
Taiwan was ruled by Nederland during 1624 to 1662. In this period, Dutch built Fort Zeelandia in Dayuan (now is Anpin, Tainan) as the political and economic center. In order to control the conditions ...
* 2016/11/18 “Chen Huai-cheng Papers “ and “Fu Xi-qi Papers” are released on TAIS
Chen Huai-cheng Papers (T0791) This record group includes Chen Huai-cheng’s personal diaries and notebooks. Chen Huai-cheng (1877-1940) is known as famous poet in Taiwan. He has two style na...
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