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Reminisce the Century-old Stores Lin-fu-zhen Store and Qian-yuan Pharmacy on Dihua Street
The first image of Dihua Street in Da-tong district, Taipei is an old street full of Chinese medicine shops, dried goods stores and fabric stores. Reminiscing the development of Dihua Street, it is located in an area called “Dadaocheng” which became a street in 19th Century. Foreign companies came to Tamsui and built their career after Tamsui Customs Wharf was established in 1860. The trading of tea activated the commercial developments in Dadaocheng area. In the end of the 19th Century, Dadaocheng became the trading hub in northern Taiwan.

Collections retrieval

Taiwan Archival Information System was launched in 2008. It stores personal papers and collections, family and folk papers and institutional archives which have been collected by the Archives of ITH for more than 20 years. The stored items include land contracts, account books, correspondences, official documents, photographs, postcards, and maps. This database stores more than 130 record groups and around 120 thousand items, and the archives are continually increasing.

Usage:The online catalog is open to the public. The physical and digital archives are classified into three different levels: viewing and printing online, viewing and printing in the ITH Archives Reading Room, and viewing and transcribing in the ITH Archives Reading Room. Readers can access the digital images of “viewing and printing online” after registering an account with a valid e-mail. For detailed instruction, please refer to the manual. *

This database was launched in 2004. Some of the digitized rare books belonged to the Library of Taiwan Government-General, Southern Archives, Taihoku Imperial University professors’ books, which were sold to National Taiwan Library, and some were collected by the Institute of Taiwan History. This database includes about 4,000 books, over 100 periodicals, and more than one million digital images.

Usage:The online catalog is open to the public. Readers can access the digital images after registering an account with a valid e-mail. Some of the rare books can be downloaded in a PDF format.  *

Taiwan Sotokufu Digital Archive stores the digitized Official Documents of Taiwan Government-General which was jointly cataloged by Taiwan Historica and Academia Sinica. Including permanent, fifteen-year, five-year and one year preserving categories, this database collects more than 12,000 volumes and 3.4 million pages of digital images.

Usage: In order to provide a convenient browsing environment, Taiwan Sotokufu Digital Archive has merged into  Taiwan Archival Information System. Everyone is welcome to register an account and utilize the new database. Readers who need to browse Taiwan Sotokufu Digital Archive please contact the ITH Archives Reading Room. *

This database was launched in 2009 by applying the techniques of Wiki platform. It includes the full-text and annotations of diaries which were published by the Institute of Taiwan History and other relevant institutions. There are 15 personal diaries (Lin Xian-tang, Huang Wang-cheng, Lu He-ruo, Den Kenjiro, Yang Ji-Zhen, Jian Ji, Chang Li-jun, Wu Xin-rong, Miyoshi Tokusaburou, Yang Shui-xin, Momiyama Ishu, Shao Yu-lin, Wu Song-qing, George Leslie Mackay, and the Diary of a Japanese Soldier Stationed in Taiwan) and one organizational journal (De Dagregisters van het Kasteel Zeelandia) open to the public so far. The whole content is composed of over 16 millions words and about 46,000 annotations. New diaries will be kept uploading in the future. The diaries are arranged in chronological order and the full-text search is available. Furthermore, readers can use time classification function to browse different authors’ diaries on the same day. 

Usage:Readers can access this website after registering an account with a valid e-mail. *

The new version of Taiwan Collectanea Search System has been revised in 2016. It collects Taiwan Collectanea which was edited and published by the Economic Research Office of Taiwan Bank from 1957 to 1972. It includes official records and individual discourse related to Taiwan since the Tang and Song dynasty. In addition, this database also contains the brief introduction of Taiwan Collectanea and Taiwan Prefecture Gazetteer edited by Jiang Yu-ying. There are 311 kinds of books and about 600 volumes with near 50 million words in the database.

Usage:The catalog and the full-text are open to the public. *

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