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Visiting the Dadaocheng Customers of Tai-yi-hou in Nagasaki through Time Traveling
The Chinese enterprise Tai-yi-hou in Nagasaki, one of the figures in Traveling in Time Exhibition, was established in the beginning of the 20th century. Its commercial trade network crossed East-Asia including the treaty ports in Vladivostok, Korean Peninsula, coastline of China, Taiwan, Luzon, Malay Peninsula, etc. Tai-yi-hou’s customers were mainly Chinese merchants in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Since Taiwan became the colony of Japan in 1895, the Japanese Government proactively increased economic and trade relationships between Japan and Taiwan. Within this context, Tai-yi-hou gained the upper hand in expanding its business to Taiwan with its advantageous location, language and culture. Among all Tai-yi-hou Papers, approximately 17,000 commercial letters sent from Taiwan were preserved until today, and around 10,000 of which were sent from stores in Dadaocheng.
* 2017/11/03 2017 Academia Sinica Open House Day had been Successfully Concluded!
The annual Academia Sinica Open House Day had been successfully concluded on October 28, 2017. Institute of Taiwan History organized various activities including exhibition, stamping and coloring the ...
* 2017/09/04 The series of Taiwan Commercial Letters of Tai-yi-hou Papers has released
Tai-yi-hou Papers of Nagasaki were the documents created and preserved by the Chen family from Kinmen. Chen family had a long history in running business in Nagasaki and these documents recorded their...
* 2017/08/30 Wu Song-qing’s Diary (1947-1950) now available at Taiwan Diary Knowledge Bank
Wu Song-qing (1901-1991) was born in Zhen-hai, Zhejiang. After graduating from University of Shanghai and University of Paris, he had held the position of Director in Management Bureau of Air Navigati...
* 2017/08/16 Taiwan Sotokufu Digital Archive merging into Taiwan Archival Information System this September
In order to provide a more convenient platform for data searching and text retrieval, we will merge Taiwan Sotokufu Digital Archive into Taiwan Archival Information System in September this year as we...
* 2017/08/01 Shao Yu-lin’s Diary (1953-1954) on Taiwan Diary Knowledge Bank now released
Shao Yu-lin (1909-1984), whose pseudonym was Wenbo, was born in Yin Xian, Zhejiang. Shao studied in Japan in his early years. After his graduation from Kyushu Imperial University and the graduate scho...
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