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Yang Yun-ping Papers (楊雲萍文書)
Yang Yun-ping was one of the founders of the “Everyone”, the first vernacular literary magazine in Taiwan. He was mentored by Kawabata Yasunari and Kan Kikuchi when studied at the Institute of Japanese Culture in Japan, and that made great impact on his creative style. Yang began to dedicate himself to researches on Taiwan history and culture after returning to Taiwan, and got a teaching job at Department of History, National Taiwan University in 1947. The Yung Yun-ping Papers contains various forms of correspondence with government agencies, non-government organizations, and individuals as well as his manuscripts, with coverage date from the mid period of Japanese rule to post-war period.
* 2013/06/17 A scrivener notary with an entrepreneurial mind-set: The Shun Chianghuai Collection is now available via the Taiwan Archival Information System
The newly released Shun Chianghuai Collection is one of our most interesting documentary collections in recent years. Shun Chianghuai (1907-2013) lived his life to the fullest. During the...
* 2013/05/24 Registration for using Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory is no longer required in or out of Taiwan, welcome to use it!
Ever since Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory was released in 2012, the feedback we have received from our users has been very positive. This Directory also has become an important referenc...
* 2013/03/27 Good news! The Reading Room will be open through lunch hour from April 1st onwards.
In order to provide our readers with a better service, our Historical Records Reading Room will be open through lunch hour from April 1st onwards. The opening hours will be from 9am to 5pm un...
* 2012/11/28 Image and Representation: Special Photo Collections of Taiwan during Japanese Colonial Era
The far-away Emperor of Japan learned about Taiwan, the empire’s very first colony, through written reports submitted by government officials as well as photography images, which not only concre...
* 2012/10/02 Kisaburo Yoshioka’s Paper and 12 Collections Added to Online Search System
Kisaburo Yoshioka's paper and 12 more collections of 348 items and 28,697 digital images are now available at Taiwan Archival Information System. Kisaburo Yoshioka's paper has tremendous res...
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