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Reminisce the Century-old Stores Lin-fu-zhen Store and Qian-yuan Pharmacy on Dihua Street
The first image of Dihua Street in Da-tong district, Taipei is an old street full of Chinese medicine shops, dried goods stores and fabric stores. Reminiscing the development of Dihua Street, it is located in an area called “Dadaocheng” which became a street in 19th Century. Foreign companies came to Tamsui and built their career after Tamsui Customs Wharf was established in 1860. The trading of tea activated the commercial developments in Dadaocheng area. In the end of the 19th Century, Dadaocheng became the trading hub in northern Taiwan.

Recall the glory days of the tea trading companies

Tokusaburō Miyoshi (三好德 三郎) Kazue Tsutsumibayashi (堤林 數衛) are both selected figures in the Traveling in Time” exhibition. Miyoshi owned the Tsujili Tea Shop which was located in the Sakaichō district (榮町) in Taipei (the shop building is on the corner of Hengyang Road (衡陽路) and Chongching South Road (重慶南路), where Starbucks Chongching branch is today). Kazue Tsutsumibayashi (堤林 數衛) began his trading journey in Taiwan and later traveled to Southeast Asia to expand his business. We heartily invite you to discover the tea and trading network that had developed in Taiwan and beyond, in the late 19th century towards the early 20th century.

Tokusaburō Miyoshi section
Kazue Tsutsumibayashi section

From Oct 22nd 2013 on, we offer 90 gift sets to our visitors by just having photos taken in the section of Tokusaburō Miyoshi and Kazue Tsutsumibayashi from the exhibition hall. Don’t miss the opportunity!

90 gift sets are given away

If you cannot make your way to our exhibition on weekdays, please do not miss our special opening day on November 2nd (Saturday), from 9:00 to 17:00. Those who visit us on this day will also receive a special gift! Please visit our exhibition website for the latest information.

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