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The Photographic Materials of Michael H. Finegan Collections
Michael H. Finegan Collections of the Archives of the Institution of Taiwan History include copious photographs and post cards. In addition, many photographic materials stored in the Institution of Taiwan History were collected from our researchers or donated by private collectors. These materials feature a wide range of topics and they are very precious. The Preparatory Office of the Institute of Taiwan History and the Institute of Folk Arts of Taipei National University of the Arts cooperated on the project “Taiwan Visual Memory Digitization and Preservation Project.” We jointly revised and established an appropriate photographic database and its field design from 2002 to 2004. Now, the result of the digitization project is merged into Taiwan Archival Information System and is searchable online.
We invite you to learn history through arts and to win the Prize of “Sharing Memories”

The officialdom Baozhen Shen(沈葆楨) ordered artists to draw cultures and lifestyles of the Taiwanese aborigines in 1875. These drawings were bound into one volume and presented to the Kuang-hsu Emperor (光緒帝) and his chancellors in the same year. Digitized images of this volume are displayed in the exhibition section of Baozhen Shen(沈葆楨). Moreover, a newly published book titled “Illustrations of Aborigines in Late Qing Taiwan” has detailed descriptions and examinations of these paintings, which is available on the reference shelves at the exhibition.

Baozhen Shen (沈葆楨) section

During the Japanese-ruled period, Chenpo Chen (陳澄波) was the first Taiwanese oil painter to have his oil painting of “Beyond the Streets of Chia-yi Street” (嘉義の町はづれ;嘉義街外) displayed at the Japanese Imperial Art Exhibition. Through his paintings, Chen recorded his life journey in Taiwan, Japan, and China. His work reveals his passion for art and his determination to challenge himself by pursuing different painting techniques.

Chenpo Chen (陳澄波) section

Drawings of personal memories and of official inspection tours are testimonies of Taiwanese history. We are inviting you write down your thoughts and feedbacks after having visited the Baozhen Shen (沈葆楨) and Chenpo Chen (陳澄波) section. We will select two participants and give away a copy of the newly published “Illustrations of Aborigines in Late Qing Taiwan” (in hardback) or Chen Chen-Po Corpus -Volume 2-Characoal Sketch, Watercolor, Glue Color, Ink Wash Painting, Calligraphy (in hardback).

Illustrations of Aborigines in Late Qing Taiwan
Chen Chen-Po Corpus -Volume 2

This special event will last until the end of November. You can either post your comments on FB or write them down on slips prepared at the exhibition hall. Don’t miss this opportunity! (For further information please visit “Memory” on our web site.)

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