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Let’s read newspaper-Contents of The Taiwan Shinminpo and Kounan Shinbun

The Taiwan Minpao, The Taiwan Shinminpo and the subsequent Kounan Shinbun (Kounan News) constituted the newspaper series published between April 1923 and March 1944. However, surviving copies of the daily published since 1932 were few. In view of the importance of this newspaper series, the Institute of Taiwan History began gathering remaining copies both in Taiwan and abroad, and discovered an exclusive collection of The Taiwan Shinminpo (1938-1941). The newspapers carried diverse contents, including political and economic affairs, local news, arts and new knowledge, which are rare and precious historical materials for research on Taiwan history during World War II.

Reviewing the daily newspapers published since April 1932, this article attempts to elucidate the layout format and language use as well as main contents and subject matters covered in the columns. Moreover, it further analyzes the particularity and variations in choice of contents as time evolved and the environment changed. This article provides an in-depth introduction to this newspaper of the Taiwanese, and invites you to read the newspaper and revisit major and minor happenings of Taiwan past.

Special report on the annual Open House Day

On October 19th 2013, special activities in our Traveling in Time Exhibition hall were organized for the celebration of the annual Open House Day at Academia Sinica. They were a great success! Thanks to our visitors who made our day complete!

For the entire day, visitors pulled in our exhibition hall unremittingly. Our archives staff offered excellent interpretations of historical testimonies by telling interesting remarkable stories and latest discoveries of the hidden history of Taiwan. Our visitors were especially fascinated by one of our online games – decoding the Suzhou numerals. The Suzhou numerals were widely used in marketplaces in China and Taiwan, before they were supplanted by Arabic numerals. One of our student trainees had dressed up as a historical figure especially this event, which attracted the attention of many young visitors.

The exhibition will last till December 25th 2013. If you cannot make your visit during the week days, don’t miss our last two special opening days on Saturdays: November 2nd and December 7th. Please check our exhibition website and Facebook for the upcoming events.

The exhibition pulls in the crowds.
Visitors are following guided tours led by our senior archive staff. Limited quiz gifts are offered.
Visitors are waiting in a long queue for the special issue stamps.
Young people cannot take their eyes away from the online interactive games.
Many young visitors requested photos with our student trainee who dressed up as a historical figure.

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