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Travel Literature: Travel Writing during Wartime (1938 - 1944)

The Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, in the years past unearthed a precious collection of the published works in 1938 – 1944 of “Taiwan Shin Min Pao” and its successor “Shing Nan News”, the only newspapers launched by the Taiwanese during the colonial rule of Japan. This piece goes through a selection of the accounts of travel that are of interest and, with the descriptions given by travelers from Taiwan and Japan to be complemented by such colorful collections as photographs, travel tickets, old papers, postcards and others, it invites you to read through the tracks of the travelers in question over tens of thousands of miles across Beijing, Manchukuo, the United States, Germany, Burma and Vietnam and discover the landscapes around a turbulent world in the midst of war from nearly a hundred years ago and the heart-felt worldviews of the travelers.

“Traveling in Time” Exhibition is opened on August 29th, 2013


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Institution of Taiwan History (ITH), the ITH and the Academia Sinica Digital Center have jointly organized the “Traveling in Time” Special Exhibition.

The exhibition contains the colorful lives of notable historical figures, dating from the 1860s to 1960s. Selected individuals, include: Baozhen Shen (Ching Dynasty Officialdom), Chihu Hsu (Lukang family-run business trader), the Chen family (operated a family-run Nagasaki Tai-Eki Trading Company), Kazue Tsutsumibayashi (international entrepreneur), Tokusaburou Miyoshi (tea trader), Chenpo Chen (painter), Tzemei Kao (pianist), Hsientang Lin (anti-colonialism reformer), Jhaojia Yang (nationalist activist), and Kiyoshi Hasegawa (Taiwan Sōtokufu Governor). The selected materials for this exhibition include family letters, photographs, personal diaries, private manuscripts, and certificates. Except for still images and paper documents, interactive multimedia activities are offered in the exhibition hall.

These exhibited items were collected through contributions of various donors from different corners of the world, from which memories about Taiwan could be re-explored. These historical elements depict trading networks in Taiwan and beyond, featuring intellectuals' campaigns for reform, and nostalgic expressions from those who were far away from home. We are warmly inviting you to trace the footsteps of sojourners, local inhabitants, in and out of Taiwan and its offshore islands, throughout different time frames, while rediscovering precious memories that belong to this land.

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