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Visiting the Dadaocheng Customers of Tai-yi-hou in Nagasaki through Time Traveling
The Chinese enterprise Tai-yi-hou in Nagasaki, one of the figures in Traveling in Time Exhibition, was established in the beginning of the 20th century. Its commercial trade network crossed East-Asia including the treaty ports in Vladivostok, Korean Peninsula, coastline of China, Taiwan, Luzon, Malay Peninsula, etc. Tai-yi-hou’s customers were mainly Chinese merchants in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Since Taiwan became the colony of Japan in 1895, the Japanese Government proactively increased economic and trade relationships between Japan and Taiwan. Within this context, Tai-yi-hou gained the upper hand in expanding its business to Taiwan with its advantageous location, language and culture. Among all Tai-yi-hou Papers, approximately 17,000 commercial letters sent from Taiwan were preserved until today, and around 10,000 of which were sent from stores in Dadaocheng.
* 2016/05/31 New version of Taiwan Collectanea Search System is launched
In order to support academic research, the Institute of Taiwan History (ITH), Academia Sinica devotes its efforts to build digital systems for presenting diverse historical materials. In 1990s, the Pr...
* 2016/04/13 The catalog of “The Historical Materials about 228 Incident and White Terror Period” is now accessible in the Taiwan Archival Information System
The catalogue of “The Historical Materials about 228 Incident and White Terror Period” is updated to the Taiwan Archival Information System. The brief introduction and the path to access t...
* 2016/03/04 The Special Exhibition “INVERTING 1895” is on Display Again in the College of Hakka Studies at National Chiao Tung University!
An exhibition titled “Inverting 1895–The Exhibition on the 120th Anniversaries of Japanese Receiving Taiwan Incident” is on display again from 1 March, 2016 to 17 June, 2016. Since i...
* 2016/02/01 Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition “Between Warp and Woof: Weaving Aboriginal Life Stories”
On January 29, when it turned warm after a cold current, the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Between Warp and Woof: Weaving Aboriginal Life Stories” started at 2pm in the North Hall of...
* 2016/01/18 “Between Warp and Woof: Weaving Aboriginal Life Stories” will be opened
Loom shuttles pass back and forth. Colorful threads interlace with each other. Heavy sounds from the thread beat-up device echo with the heartbeats. The fabrics are weaved with life stories of aborigi...
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