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Taiwan in the Eyes of a Western Traveler--John Thomson’s Footprints in Formosa
John Thomson(1837-1921)is regarded as a pioneering photographer in the 19th century. He traveled to Far East, documenting the portraits, landscapes and eastern cultures profoundly through his lens and these photographs have become precious historical records. Although John Thomson only stayed in Taiwan for a few days, the images and notes he left are valuable historical materials for the research into Taiwan in the 1870s.His story could be comparable to Shen Bao-zhen, one of the figures in 「Traveling in Time」Exhibition. They were the travelers who came to Taiwan in the same time period. Through their stories, we can learn how they interpret Formosa in the 19th century.
* 2013/09/10 Having collected five special issue stamps from “Traveling in Time” Exhibition, you can purchase Starbucks beverages for the price of one to share with your best friend
The building of the Starbucks Chongching Store (星巴克重慶門市) was once the Tsujiri Tea Shop (辻利茶舖). It is now displays the “The Store in Hengyang Road” Exhibition simultaneously with the &ldq...
* 2013/08/23 “Traveling in Time” Exhibition is opened on August 29th, 2013
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Institution of Taiwan History (ITH), the ITH and the Academia Sinica Digital Center have jointly organized the “Traveling in Time” Special ...
* 2013/06/17 A scrivener notary with an entrepreneurial mind-set: The Shun Chianghuai Collection is now available via the Taiwan Archival Information System
The newly released Shun Chianghuai Collection is one of our most interesting documentary collections in recent years. Shun Chianghuai (1907-2013) lived his life to the fullest. During the...
* 2013/05/24 Registration for using Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory is no longer required in or out of Taiwan, welcome to use it!
Ever since Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory was released in 2012, the feedback we have received from our users has been very positive. This Directory also has become an important referenc...
* 2013/03/27 Good news! The Reading Room will be open through lunch hour from April 1st onwards.
In order to provide our readers with a better service, our Historical Records Reading Room will be open through lunch hour from April 1st onwards. The opening hours will be from 9am to 5pm un...
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