01/27 (Thu)

9:00-12:00; 13:30-17:00

Cross-Boundary Dream Pursuers: Taiwanese Painters’ Trajectories in Foreign Countries during the Japanese Colonial Period

On the Open House day in 2018, the Archives of the Institute of Taiwan History featured an exhibition, Travel Memories II—Taiwanese Painters’ Landscape Sketches, from digital records collected by the Archives in recent years. This exhibition selected four Taiwanese painters, Yen Shui-long, Liu Chi-hsiang, Chen Cheng-po, and Kuo Hsueh-hu, by presenting the records of their passports, certificates, photographs, correspondence, and paintings and exploring their life experiences of practicing goals, embarking on adventures abroad, and contributing to society. Let us trace the senior painters’ paths of crossing borders and pursuing dreams by appreciating these precious records and the abundant colors in their paintings!


In order to further develop historical research in Taiwan and promote the use of archival materials to serve academics, the Archives of the Institute of Taiwanese History (the ITH Archives) collects important archives relating to Taiwan’s history not only in Taiwan but also abroad. Some archives are donations and some are purchases. The archives can be classified based on their source into three categories: Personal Papers and Collections, Family and Folk Papers and Institutional Archives. After our fellows reorganize archives, we welcome people to retrieve the materials. In addition, the ITH Archives also provides services such as reproduction, digital image authorization, reference consultation and guided tours for the public. Related information and service introductions are as follows. We fully welcome everyone to utilize the sources of the ITH Archives.

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