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A Brief Journey through Tainanfu, Lugang, and Bangkah

Taiwan has been an important stronghold in the Pacific Ocean since the Age of Discovery. Tainanfu, Lugang, and Bangkah were three critical commercial port cities that played a crucial role in the trading history of Taiwan. These three cities witnessed Taiwan’s involvement in the international trade zone and symbolized its busy business activities starting in the seventeenth century. This article investigates records created by a Qing official Shen Bao-zhen, the Hsu family enterprise in Lugang, and the Chen family enterprise in Nagasaki to illustrate the rich history of these three port cities.


Chen Cheng-po (1895-1947) is the famous Western style painter in Taiwan. He was also the first Taiwanese artist whose works were selected into the Imperial Art Exhibition. Besides his devotion to painting, Chen was also an advocate of art education throughout his life. You can discover Chen's unusual life and important paintings through this website.

By the support of the National Digital Archives Program, researchers went to the oversea archiving organizations and brought back plenty of digital archives of rare and valuable Chinese old map. There are many stories and history hidden in the maps. ITH cooperates with ASCDC to maintain this website in order to provide the access to the public.

The compilation of the dictionary was planned by professor Hsu Hsueh-chi, and supported by Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan. There were over one hundred scholars participating in this work. The dictionary embodies 4,656 phrases about politics, diplomacy, military affairs, economy, society, education, culture, customs, old place names, historical literatures etc. These phrases can be searched by character stroke sequence and keyword. The website is only in Chinese. (This website can only be browsed via ITH's network.)

Chronicle of Taiwan Area was built by The National Insititute of Educational Resources and Research. It contains the chronicles of 25 counties and cities including special municipalities, provincial cities and county-administered cities, and 319 township in Taiwan. There are all kinds of topics such as history, geography, education, religion, economy, politics, art, culture, custom, people, races, communication etc. The website is only in Chinese.

National Repository of Cultural Heritage was built by Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan. It embodies the full-text or digital images and metadata of historical photos, fine arts, music, drama, dancing, caricature, literature, architecture, movie, paleo-map, antiques, newspapers, Chinese poetry, historical records and news video. The website is only in Chinese.

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