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Archives Related to the February 28 Incident and the White Terror

2017 marked the 70th anniversary of the February 28 Incident and 30 years since the martial law was lifted. Although the February 28 Incident and the White Terror are not forbidden topics in Taiwan society, many relevant archives are yet to be acquired and disclosed. Since its establishment, the Institute of Taiwan History has striven to collect folk papers, such as the following records related to the February 28 Incident and the White Terror: Historical Materials Related to the February 28 Incident and White Terror, Yang Zhao-jia Collection, Chen Cheng-po Paintings and Papers, Yeh Sheng-ji Papers, Chen Wen-xing Papers, Chen Zhong-tong Papers, The Diary of Lin Xian-tang, and The Diary of Wu Xin-rong.

"Papers of Ikeda Kōjin" Now Online

Ikeda Kōjin (1884-1924), a graduate of Tokyo Imperial University’s Law School, was the ninth chief of the Taiwan Sotokufu Monopoly Bureau. From a low-ranking legal bureaucrat to a prominent civil official, he made a great impact on Taiwan’s monopoly system that generated huge revenue for the Japanese colonial government. Besides, the contacts he built between Taiwan and Guangdong, including Hainan Island, was also noteworthy.

Documents and manuscripts left by Ikeda Kōjin during his career life and records regarding his funeral were originally archived in the National Institute of Japanese Language. Through the “International Collaboration of Taiwan Historical Resources Acquisition Project,” the Institute of Taiwan History obtained the digital images of Ikeda’s papers, such as meeting minutes and attendance records, work logs, as well as list of his belongings.

Therefore, this collection (1910-1924) not only is comparable to the “Archives of the Monopoly Bureau of Taiwan Government under Japanese rule,” but also provides us an important source on observing a colonial official’s material life, bureaucratic interactions and networks, opium and camphor trade, activities of the Taiwanese in Southeast Asia, as well as the Government-General’s “Southward Advanced Policy.”

The collection of "Papers of Ikeda Kōjin" can be accessed through the “Taiwan Archival Information System” now.


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