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The Taiwan Shinminpo News Special – Opening of Hualien Port, 1939

The Taiwan Shinminpo and its related newspaper series were the only newspapers published by the Taiwanese during the Japanese colonial era. Among the contents, in-depth special reports on places, events and people are very important historical materials for studies on family histories and local regions. The Institute of Taiwan History has collected almost a hundred local news specials, covering topics such as economy and industry, infrastructure, cultural history, and school education. The issues presented include banana production and industrial economic trends, major infrastructure completion and current political situation, upgrade of towns and villages, rail service resumption and local development. The Taiwan Shinminpo carried what might not be described or documented in regular publications, such as local cultural characteristics and industrial histories, which were precious records for understanding our homeland. With the reference to the news special “Commemorative Special on Opening of Hualien Port” published in The Taiwan Shinminpo on October 1-2, 1939 and other archival collections of Institute of Taiwan History, this article focuses on the completion and opening of Hualien Port in 1939, detailing the construction process and its impact during the Japanese colonial era.

Special Lecture: Taiyi Trading Company and Chinese Merchants in Nagasaki

In 1901, Taiyi Trading Company was founded in Nagasaki by Chen Guoliang (1804-1908) and Chen Shiwang (1869-1940), who were originally from Kinmen. They operated their wholesale business across Japan, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. The large number of documents, which were created by the company and dated back from 1862 to 1940, provide important historical sources for researching on clan history and the ventures of overseas Chinese.

In order to introduce and promote these valuable materials, the Institute of Taiwan History invites Mr. Chen Tong-hua, the fourth-generation descendant of Taiyi Company to present a lecture on March 6, 2012. Mr. Chen will share the historical context of the company as well as his own involvement in the activities among overseas Chinese. You are welcome to attend this special event!

  • Lecture Information:
    Topic: Taiyi Trading Company and Chinese Merchants in Nagasaki (1860-1945)
    Date: Tuesday, 6th March, 2012
    Time: 10:00-12:00
    Venue: Room 802, 8F Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica
    Host: Kuo-hsing Hsieh, Director and Research Fellow of Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica
    Moderator: Te-lan Chu, Research Fellow of Research Center for Humanities and Social Science, Academia Sinica
    Speaker: Tong-hua Chen, President of Nagasaki Fujian Huiguan (Fukken Kaikan), the fourth-generation descendant of the Chen Family
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