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Taiwan’s Medical Education and Doctors’ Training during the Japanese Colonial Period

During the Qing Dynasty, before the Western medical system was established, traditional Chinese doctors were seen as the second level in the social hierarchy. After the modern systematic medical education was founded by the Japanese colonial government, doctors gained a high position in Taiwanese society. In fact, the cultivation of doctors during the colonial period reflected the transformation of the Taiwanese doctor’s social status. Using precious archives, this article introduces the establishment of Taiwan’s medical education and training system.

A scrivener notary with an entrepreneurial mind-set: The Shun Chianghuai Collection is now available via the Taiwan Archival Information System

The newly released Shun Chianghuai Collection is one of our most interesting documentary collections in recent years.

Shun Chianghuai (1907-2013) lived his life to the fullest. During the period of Japanese rule he was not merely a judicial and administrative scrivener notary, he also actively engaged in business management and public affairs in his local community. In the post-war years he took up a position as a committee member of the Justice Protection Commission and Meditation Committee. After Shun retired he devoted much of his energy to Taiwanese history, working with historians and sharing his life experiences with them.

Shun Chianghuai donated his collection to the Institute in May 2007. This collection contains historical records of escrow, commerce, local events, and details of Shun’s private life. The collection includes an extensive and varied range of materials which offer insight into the Taiwanese legal system, local history (particularly of the Shanhua region), and business and management in the region under Japanese rule and during the post-war years (1922-1978). In October 2008 some distinctive photographs and documents were carefully selected and displayed as part of our special exhibition about Shun Chianghuai.

Shun’s collection provides a rich resource for those studying the private, family, and social history of the Shanhua region. This wealth of information chronicles the development of the legal system and local commerce under different regimes, and throughout this historical period. The entire catalogue has been completed and released via the Taiwan Archival Information System. With a total of 2,390 files, these records are classified into 4 categories: family files, escrow files, commercial management files, and family photos. The photos are available online and the original paper documents are accessible in our reading room. You are welcome to access them online or view the original documents in our archive reading room.

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