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Records of Guanxi Region
The development of Guanxi area began in 1791, when Wei Agui of Zhuqian Village arrived the east side of Xinpu. This collection comprises land records, personal contracts, licenses, and allotment agreements among devisees of the Zhang family of Hudu Village, as well as relevant documents about Wei Agui’s offspring. It is a source for understanding the development of Guanxi area, especially the developing trace of the Zhang family, the uniqueness of Hakka written language, and the early interactions between the plain aborigines and the Han settlers. Besides, these documents are precious for studying women’s life from the late Qing to the early Japanese colonial period.
Digital Archives Services

In order to respond to the public’s expectations to share the historical sources, the ITH Archives established different information systems based on document types. All of our information systems are free to use. Based on the collecting agreements, the digital images in Taiwan Archival Information System are open in three different levels. For the first level, the records can only be viewed and transcribed in the ITH Archives. For the second level, the records can be viewed and printed in the ITH Archives. For the third level, the records can be read online and printed without limitations. For more details, please refer to “Online Digital Images Usages Policy in the Archives of Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica.” 

The ITH Archives provides Digital Image Authorization services. In light of the differences in data forms, collecting agreements, the Copyright Act and other regulatory restrictions, readers who have the need to access digital image shall fill out the Request Form to obtain permission from the Institute of Taiwan History. Terms of use are as follows:

  • It will take three working days to process your application. When your application has been approved, you will be charged fees. Each image of Institutional Archives costs NT$250, and each image of Personal and Family Papers and Topical Collections costs NT$500.
  • The materials that ITH Archives stores shall only be used for academic research and non-commercial purposes. The applicants must fulfill their original purpose to use digital images each time. In addition, copies are neither reusable nor transferable.
  • If readers cite data, such as old books, files, and images, from the ITH Archives, it is needed to claim the data is quoting from “Collections of the Archives of Institute of Taiwan History, Academic Sinica.” Readers shall provide the ITH Archives with a copy of their dissertations, monographs and papers.
  • Users shall comply with the Copyright Act and relevant ordinances when reproducing and using reproduced materials. Users must not reproduce, publish and market the materials without ITH Archives’ permission. Users assume all responsibility for infringing the owner’s right.

In addition, the contents of Taiwan Rare Book Collections can be viewed online for free after users sign in on the website.

  • Taiwan Rare Book Collections
    The database collects around 4,000 books and over 100 journals as the digital sources. These books were from the Library of Taiwan Government-General, Southern Archives, and Taihoku Imperial University professors’ books, which were sold to National Taiwan Library. The catalog of the database is available online. Readers can view the digital images after registering an account with a valid e-mail. Some of the books can be downloaded in a PDF format.

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