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Du Xiang-guo Papers (杜香國文書)
Du Xiang-guo was a member of local gentry and industrialist in Dajia Town, Taichung County. His father, Du Qing, was dedicated to improving quality of Dajia Straw hats and mats and exporting them to Europe and the United States. Being a successor of his father’s business, Du Xiang-guo was active in manufacturing and financial industry. The Du Xiang-guo Papers, with coverage date from 1908 to 1946, contains his correspondence on business matters, diaries during attending schools, and literary works.
V. Conclusion

Establishment of modern medical education during the Japanese colonial period transformed health knowledge and the public doctor system in Taiwan. Doctors who received Western medical education replaced those practicing traditional Chinese medicine, and became the people’s first choice when they needed treatment. Furthermore, many doctors became leaders in their communities because of their high social status.

As a noted medical training institution, there is no doubt that many brilliant students in Taiwan aim to study at the School of Medicine of National Taiwan University. The establishment of modern medicine presents an approach of modernization in Taiwan. Moreover, every doctor’s life story is intimately tied to the island. The Wu Xin-rong Papers, Guo Qiu-cai Papers, Liu Chuan-lai Papers, Ye Sheng-ji Papers, Chen Zhong-tong Papers, Records of Manchuria Medical University, and the yearbook of Taihoku Medical College collected in the Education Records are first hand records on Taiwanese doctors’ life stories. In addition, these records are witness to the history of medical and social developments in Taiwan.

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