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Special Collections – Selects of Invasion of Taiwan in 1895
Since 16th century, Taiwan has been an important stronghold in a process of competition between western and eastern empire. A develop of Taiwan history interacts with China and world history. In 1894, because of Joseon problems, Qing dynasty and Japan broke out a war, which put Taiwan into a tempestuous and changeful historical trend. When the time went into 1895, several battles happened in our country and familiar locations due to Japanese invasion of Taiwan. Until the Qing Dragon Flag flew away to the Island of Formosa be covered with the Sun flag, people of the Island of Formosa finally became new subjects, who went through double baptism with colonialism and modernization in 50 years.
Convergence of Nature and Culture: Seeing Tamsui through Artists’ Eyes
Convergence of Nature and Culture: Seeing Tamsui through Artists’ Eyes

Author: Jao Tsu-hsien |Staff member at the Archives of the Institute of Taiwan History
Photo: Archives of the Institute of Taiwan History
Translated by Chen Han-shu

Surrounded by mountains and a river, Tamsui, which used to be called “Hobe”, has always attracted senior artists in Taiwan. Exotic and traditional architecture left by the Dutch, Qing Dynasty, and Japanese feature its historic characteristics, attracting wandering literati. Similarly, artists are inspired by this historic town as well. The paintings of Tamsui are a spectacular page of Taiwan’s art history. Since its establishment, the Archives of the Institute of Taiwan History have continuously collected and compiled personal papers, family papers and institutional archives. Part of this involves collecting and digitizing Taiwan senior artists’ works and their personal papers. In recent years, the digital archives of the Chen Cheng-po Paintings and Papers, Yen Shui-long Paintings and Papers, Chen Zhi-qi Paintings and Papers, and Pu Tian-sheng Sculptures and Papers are open in sequence. Now, let us follow Chen Zhi-qi, Chen Cheng-po, and Yen Shui-long’s steps, accompanied by archival materials such as photographs and postcards, and start a journey to Tamsui across time and space!

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