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Miyoshi Tokusaburou Papers-Feelings and Memories Traveling through Time
Miyoshi Tokusaburou Papers, one of the figures in Traveling in Time Exhibition, includes personal papers and commercial operating documents. Among these archives, personal papers, which are 96 in total, include memoirs, personal correspondence, photographs taken in Taiwan, and inventories of personal collections. Commercial operating papers are the documents which were created while he was running the branch shop of Tsujirihei in Taiwan from 1899 to 1903. There are 49 commercial operating papers in total. These papers are important sources for the research into Miyoshi Tokusaburou’s commercial activities and public service in Taiwan. In addition, we can also learn Mr. Miyoshi’s turning point in his life and his special relationship with the government at that time. Hence, these historical documents are invaluable. 

This site built by National Central Library is to offer access to digital archives of Taiwan historical resources. The resources include chronicles of Taiwan area, rare books, historical records, pedigree, postcards under Japanese rule, historical photos, paleo-maps, TTV(Taiwan Television Enterprise Ltd.) news video from 1962 etc. The website is only in Chinese. 

This catalog contains bibliographic information of the rare book joint collection archived by the Institute of Taiwan History (ITH) and the National Taiwan Library (NTL). Through this catalog, patrons can search books originally held by the Imperial Taiwan Library, the Southern Materials Center and purchased from the Japanese professors of the Taiwan University after World War II. The collection is approximately 150,000 volumes. In consideration of proper arrangement of archives repository, ITH decides to return all the rare books to the NTL and ends the relevant paping serive from March 28, 2016. The NTL is planning to reopen the rare book request service on July 1, 2016.

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