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Yang Yun-ping Papers (楊雲萍文書)
Yang Yun-ping was one of the founders of the “Everyone”, the first vernacular literary magazine in Taiwan. He was mentored by Kawabata Yasunari and Kan Kikuchi when studied at the Institute of Japanese Culture in Japan, and that made great impact on his creative style. Yang began to dedicate himself to researches on Taiwan history and culture after returning to Taiwan, and got a teaching job at Department of History, National Taiwan University in 1947. The Yung Yun-ping Papers contains various forms of correspondence with government agencies, non-government organizations, and individuals as well as his manuscripts, with coverage date from the mid period of Japanese rule to post-war period.
2017 Academia Sinica Open House Day had been Successfully Concluded!

The annual Academia Sinica Open House Day had been successfully concluded on October 28, 2017. Institute of Taiwan History organized various activities including exhibition, stamping and coloring the postcards in the common room on 8F, North Building for Humanities and Social Science. Following our guided tour, visitors experienced an imagined journey with the writers of the diaries and left with pleasant memories.

Travel Memories--Journeys and Experiences in the Diaries

Base on the travel records of The diary of Mr. Guanyuan in 1927 and The Diary of Ye Sheng-ji in 1939, this exhibition, presenting the theme of traveling to Europe and school excursion, guided visitors to follow the travelers’ steps and retrospect the impressive scenery through viewing the archives of photographs, postcards, letters and passport issuance.

Visitors were listening to the tour with great interest. (see the figure above)
Visitors were redeeming the gift after coloring their postcard and finishing the learning sheet. (see the figure below)

Three color stamp printing

Coloring your own postcards

Visitors relieved their stress form everyday life through joining the coloring activities. They used their own color to fill up the scenery and smile, representing the travel memories in the journey of history. 

Visitors concentrated on coloring their postcard with colored pencil and wax pastel.

Colored postcards. (photographed with the creator’s consent)

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