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Taiwan in the Eyes of a Western Traveler--John Thomson’s Footprints in Formosa
John Thomson(1837-1921)is regarded as a pioneering photographer in the 19th century. He traveled to Far East, documenting the portraits, landscapes and eastern cultures profoundly through his lens and these photographs have become precious historical records. Although John Thomson only stayed in Taiwan for a few days, the images and notes he left are valuable historical materials for the research into Taiwan in the 1870s.His story could be comparable to Shen Bao-zhen, one of the figures in 「Traveling in Time」Exhibition. They were the travelers who came to Taiwan in the same time period. Through their stories, we can learn how they interpret Formosa in the 19th century.
Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory System Now Online

The employee directory of the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office contains valuable materials for researches on Taiwanese history. These printed directories provide indispensable resources for recognizing illegible handwritings in various governmental documents and private manuscripts. However, these highly useful records had been held in different repositories in Taiwan and Japan. The Archives of the ITH hence began to collect all the scattered volumes and launched a digital system project in 2008.

Now, the system, Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory, is available online, enabling an easier, more convenient and more efficient access to the documentation. With its full-text platform and standardized metadata, it not only serves as a great tool for reading and deciphering official documents of the Japanese government, but also covers organizational, personnel and payroll information of the colonial administration throughout Taiwan between 1896 and 1944. In addition to browsing and searching the catalog, e-books and data export or comparison functions are also available. There are about 950,000 entries in the database.

The Taiwan Sotokufu Personnel Directory system can be found at [who.ith.sinica.edu.tw].

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