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Records of Guanxi Region
The development of Guanxi area began in 1791, when Wei Agui of Zhuqian Village arrived the east side of Xinpu. This collection comprises land records, personal contracts, licenses, and allotment agreements among devisees of the Zhang family of Hudu Village, as well as relevant documents about Wei Agui’s offspring. It is a source for understanding the development of Guanxi area, especially the developing trace of the Zhang family, the uniqueness of Hakka written language, and the early interactions between the plain aborigines and the Han settlers. Besides, these documents are precious for studying women’s life from the late Qing to the early Japanese colonial period.
V. Conclusion

Lin Xian-tang was not just the leader in a prominent family. He was also an intellectual who accepted traditional Chinese education and a conductor to lead Taiwan Nationalist movement. When Lin was traveling around the world, he observed different places and gained a lot of experience. He was well represented among the group of Taiwanese who were desperate to learn from other countries in order to pursue modernity. After Lin went back, he wrote down his travel experience and titled his serial essays as The Voyage around the World, which were published in Taiwan People Newspaper and New Taiwan People Newspaper. In short, things that Lin Xian-tang experienced provide readers a chance to imagine what it would be like in western society. What Lin mentioned can also be a mirror for Taiwan’s society.

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