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Convergence of Nature and Culture: Seeing Tamsui through Artists’ Eyes

Surrounded by mountains and a river, Tamsui, which used to be called “Hobe”, has always attracted senior artists in Taiwan. Exotic and traditional buildings left by the Dutch, Qing Dynasty, and Japanese feature in its historic characteristics, attracting wandering literati. Artists are also inspired by this historic town. The paintings of Tamsui are a spectacular page of Taiwan’s art history. By following in the steps of Taiwanese artists Chen Zhi-qi, Chen Cheng-po, and Yen Shui-long, let us start a journey through Tamsui across time and space!


The Year 2015 meet again with the Japanese Invasion of Taiwan, we select carefully historical archives to hold “Inverting 1895 - The Exhibition on the 120th Anniversaries of Japanese Receiving Taiwan Incident.” This exhibition features various historical materials collected from domestic and international cultural institutions and private collections. Such materials are organized into six main themes: the invasion of Taiwan, the takeover of Taiwan in accordance with the treaty, the attack by force, the Republic of Formosa, the confrontation of the disbanded militias and guerrilla, and Taiwanese’s pursuit of survival. By showing the historical process from the MuDan Incident to the cession of Taiwan in 1895, the exhibition attempts to improve audiences’ comprehension of people’s life and choice under the uneasy political situation, as well as the significance and influence of the Japanese Conquest of Taiwan. We invite you to visit our exhibition.


Date September 15 , 2015 (Tue.) to December 25, 2015 (Fri.)
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