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Taiwan’s Medical Education and Doctors’ Training during the Japanese Colonial Period

During the Qing Dynasty, before the Western medical system was established, traditional Chinese doctors were seen as the second level in the social hierarchy. After the modern systematic medical education was founded by the Japanese colonial government, doctors gained a high position in Taiwanese society. In fact, the cultivation of doctors during the colonial period reflected the transformation of the Taiwanese doctor’s social status. Using precious archives, this article introduces the establishment of Taiwan’s medical education and training system.

7 New Periodicals Now Available Online

The Archives of ITH recently added 7 periodicals to the database of Rare Book Collections, including Siam Association Bulletin, Netherlands Indies Times, Free Trade, The Great Asianism, Ishizue, Ocean, and Aviation. 4,649 essays and 7,134 digital images are now accessible in our online search database. Following is an overview of these periodicals:

Siam Association Bulletin

The first issue of this periodical was released on March 15, 1935. Reports in this periodical provide rich information about Siamese history, culture, education, foreign relations, as well as political, economic, industrial, military conditions and interactions between Japan and Siam. Following the reorganization of the Siam Association to the Japan Thai Association, the journal was renamed in 1936 and published its last issue in 1944. 2,249 essays and 2,584 digital images are now available online.

Netherlands Indies Times

Netherlands Indies Times was a monthly publication (1924-1927) of the Java Branch of Japan Southeast Asia Association and aimed to survey the indigenous culture and institution and to benefit the local Japanese. Its content includes local development, business circles, publishing industry, land regulations, taxes, marine transportation, agriculture, commodity, finance, Japanese enterprises, as well as information on local authorities. 932 essays and 1,536 digital images are now available online.

Free Trade

Free Trade was published in January 1940 by the Free Trade Association, Japan Coalition and was renamed to Co-prosperity Economy in June 1942. This association advocated reducing tariff on daily necessity and raw materials in order to maintain national stability and enhance national development. Thus, contents in this publication include tariff records, review of state economic policies and bills, business essays, and international trends. 638 essays and 1,732 digital images are now available online.

The Great Asianism

The Great Asianism was issued monthly by The Greater Asia Association in Tokyo from January to June, 1941. As one of the organizations to promote Japan’s national movement in assisting imperial rule, this association collected a variety of information about West Asia, Southeast Asia, India, China, Mongolia and Manchuria and published in this periodical, which also contained the report of the association, commentaries from foreign journals, as well as diplomatic and international affairs of Japan. 160 essays and 270 digital images are now available online.


Ishizue was released by Taiwan Railway Association from February to November 1944. It contains articles about not only railroad but also private railways, small transport, and automobiles, aiming to deepen reader’s understanding of transportation knowledge through a comprehensive introduction of land transportation. 293 essays and 281 digital images are now available online.


Ocean was published by the Osaka Merchant Vessel Company between 1924 and 1943. This journal contains articles about marine-relevant issues, shipping development, southward advance policy, war report and propaganda, aiming at popularizing maritime thoughts with a strong nature of promoting national policy. 225 essays and 327 digital images are now available online.


Aviation was printed by the Imperial Aviation Society, which was founded on April 23, 1913 and thereafter held a wide range of activities that profoundly contributed to the development of Japan’s civil aviation during the Taisho and early Showa period. This publication provides various informative articles on aviation-related knowledge and issues. 152 essays and 404 digital images are now available online.

In addition, 2,472 supplemental essays and 6,312 digital images from 15 different journals also have been added to our online search database. Welcome to access these valuable resources through Rare Book Collections of Taiwan under Japanese Rule

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