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Du Xiang-guo Papers (杜香國文書)
Du Xiang-guo was a member of local gentry and industrialist in Dajia Town, Taichung County. His father, Du Qing, was dedicated to improving quality of Dajia Straw hats and mats and exporting them to Europe and the United States. Being a successor of his father’s business, Du Xiang-guo was active in manufacturing and financial industry. The Du Xiang-guo Papers, with coverage date from 1908 to 1946, contains his correspondence on business matters, diaries during attending schools, and literary works.
"Taiwan Provincial Interim Assembly Records" Now Online
A total of 322 files in the collection “Taiwan Provincial Interim Assembly Records” can be accessed through the “Taiwan Archival Information System” now.
Taiwan Provincial Interim Assembly was established on December 11th, 1951, and ended on June 23rd, 1959. During this period, it played an important role in carrying out government policies, such as implementing local self-government and land reform policies, protecting women’s rights, extending the length of compulsory education, maintaining democracy and rule of law, fighting for legislative immunities, and paying attention to aboriginal rights. This collection is composed of official documents, letters, notices, petitions etc. It is great resource for research on the development of democracy and politics in Taiwan during the Martial Law Period. 

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