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Travel Literature: Travel Writing during Wartime (1938 - 1944)

The Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, in the years past unearthed a precious collection of the published works in 1938 – 1944 of “Taiwan Shin Min Pao” and its successor “Shing Nan News”, the only newspapers launched by the Taiwanese during the colonial rule of Japan. This piece goes through a selection of the accounts of travel that are of interest and, with the descriptions given by travelers from Taiwan and Japan to be complemented by such colorful collections as photographs, travel tickets, old papers, postcards and others, it invites you to read through the tracks of the travelers in question over tens of thousands of miles across Beijing, Manchukuo, the United States, Germany, Burma and Vietnam and discover the landscapes around a turbulent world in the midst of war from nearly a hundred years ago and the heart-felt worldviews of the travelers.

Report of Special Collection Exhibition: Archives of Sun Jiang-huai (孫江淮)

The Special Collections Exhibition: Archives of Sun Jiang-huai (孫江淮) came to a successful close on November 2, 2008 at Institute of Taiwan History (ITH), Academia Sinica.

The exhibition opened on October 25, 2008 and ran for nine days. The opening day was also the Open House Day at the 80th Anniversary of Academia Sinica and it drew an influx of visitors to come. During the following days, large numbers of school groups took a visit and well interacted with exhibition guides, exchanging many ideas frequently.

The exhibition guide was explaining the collection to visitors.(2008.10.25)

Students perused the collections in Taiwan Archives Office, ITH.(2008.10.27)

During the exhibition, a speech entitled "The Establishment of the Rule of Law in Taiwan Society under Japanese Colonization and Archives of Sun Jiang-huai(孫江淮)" by Prof. Wang Tay-sheng (College of Law, National Taiwan University) was held at ITH. Many people participated in the speech and discussed ardently. It showed that both the academia and the general public paid much attention to private archives and respected their historical value.

The moderator, Prof. Hsu Hsueh-chi(left) and speaker, Prof. Wang Tay-sheng(right) in the speech (2008.10.29)

A scene of discussing time in the speech.(2008.10.29)

Eventually, this exhibition proceeded successfully at both Tainan (2008.10.12~2008.10.18) and Taipei venue. It also had been reported by mass media, such as Libertytimes(2008.10.29), United Daily News(2008.11.10) and Taiwan Journal(2008.11.13).

In response to public expectation, the Special Collections Exhibition: Archives of Sun Jiang-huai (孫江淮) at National Museum of Taiwan Literature is being planned. Detail information regarding it will be provided at this site.

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